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Avengers - Infinite War by AnderPotter1937 Avengers - Infinite War :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 11 0 Falcon - Infinity War by AnderPotter1937 Falcon - Infinity War :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 6 0 Iron Man - Infinity War by AnderPotter1937 Iron Man - Infinity War :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 10 0 Black Widow - Infinity War by AnderPotter1937 Black Widow - Infinity War :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 4 0 Captain America - Infinite War by AnderPotter1937 Captain America - Infinite War :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 10 0 Iron Man - Mark 47 (Spiderman Homecoming) by AnderPotter1937 Iron Man - Mark 47 (Spiderman Homecoming) :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 17 0 Potter Family (Version 2.0) by AnderPotter1937 Potter Family (Version 2.0) :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 5 4 Hush - Draco Malfoy by AnderPotter1937 Hush - Draco Malfoy :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 3 0 Justice Society of Hogwarts by AnderPotter1937 Justice Society of Hogwarts :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 4 0 Red Hood - Sirius Black by AnderPotter1937 Red Hood - Sirius Black :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 5 0 Batgirl - Lily Evans by AnderPotter1937 Batgirl - Lily Evans :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 2 0 The Flash - Frank Longbottom by AnderPotter1937 The Flash - Frank Longbottom :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 4 2 Red and Blue Superman - Twin Weasley by AnderPotter1937 Red and Blue Superman - Twin Weasley :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 4 0 Superman - Arthur Weasley by AnderPotter1937 Superman - Arthur Weasley :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 3 0 Batman - James Potter by AnderPotter1937 Batman - James Potter :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 3 0 Titans by AnderPotter1937 Titans :iconanderpotter1937:AnderPotter1937 6 0


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Catwoman - Ginny Weasley
What would happen if Ginny Weasley out Catwoman?

1. Gryffindor Uniform - Catwoman Suit 
(Chamber of Secrets / Batman Returns) 12 Years

2. Second Gryffindor Uniform - Pre-Nolan Suit (Order of the Phoenix / Batman Begins) 14 Years 

Christmas Party Dress (Half-Blood Prince) 15 Years

Battle Final Suit - TDK Rises Catsuit (Deathly Hallows Part 2 / The Dark Knight Rises) 17 Years

19 Years Later - DCEU Suit (Epilogue / DC Extended Universe Version) 36 Years
Weasley Family (Superman Family)
This Family is composed by:

- Hugo Weasley (Superboy)
- Ron Weasley (Superman)
- Fred Weasley (Red Superman)
- George Weasley (Blue Superman)
- Hermione Granger (Wonder Woman) 
- Harry Potter (Batman)
- Ginny Weasley (Catwoman)
- Rose Weasley (Supergirl) 
- Arthur Weasley (Golden Age Superman)

Here we see how the family grows with the passage of time, including Hermione and Harry :squee: 
Justice League of Hogwarts
What if the Dumbledore's Army were the Justice League?

The Founders:

- Harry James Potter (Batman)
- Jonathan Thomas Potter (Robin/Nightwing)
- Ronald Bilius Weasley (Superman)
- Hermione Jean Granger (Wonder Woman)
- Ginevra Molly Weasley (Catwoman)
- Neville Longbottom (The Flash) and Luna Lovegood (Supergirl).

This begins with the four main characters, Harry, John, Ron and Hermione, from the Philosopher's stone to the Goblet of fire. Then in the order of the PhoenixNeville, Luna and Ginny come together to form a group of heroes to save Hogwarts and the world.
Potter Family (Version 2.0)
In this family, is made up of:

- James Potter (Batman)
- Lily Potter (Batgirl) 
- Sirius Black (Robin / Red Hood) <<< 
I know that I am changing roles, but it is to make a connection with history

- Harry James Potter (Batman)
- Jonathan Potter (Robin / Nightwing)
- Ginny Potter (Catwoman)
- Lily Luna Potter (Batgirl) 
- James Potter II (Robin / Red Robin)
- Albus Severus Potter (Robin)
Avengers - Infinite War
I'm still missing the other Avengers. It also takes time to have all the characters. But here I have some:

- Captain America
- Iron Man
- Falcon (Captain America's Suit)
- Black Widow
- Scarlet Witch
- Hawkeye (With Winter Soldier Mask for the Space's Battle)
- Thor 


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